About Lipstik

Whether you're looking for party platforms, hot heels or boots, Lipstik Shoes has a style for you.


Lipstik Shoes first stepped into the world of Australian fashion in 1972 and is one of Australia’s most popular women’s shoes brands. By delivering the hottest styles at an affordable price, Lipstik Shoes created a new movement in women’s footwear.

Drawing on both local and international trends, Lipstik Shoes are not only in step with the latest fashion but are also made of high quality materials so they can withstand all that you throw at them - including long nights on the dance floor!

Lipstik has big plans to continue to work on brand awareness across social media and influencer collaborations.

When wearing Lipstik shoes, you can be sure that you’re setting the pace in fun, fresh and fashionable footwear.

So the real question now girls, what will YOU get up to in your Lipstiks? Join us online, Instagram and Facebook and tell us all about it; 

Happy shopping!